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Why you should choose professional demolition services over DIY demolition

A demolition project requires plenty of attention and foresight. No matter how careful you think that you are being in overseeing your own demolition project, you are sure to overlook some aspect of the project that a professional service would have planned for. DIY projects are often undertaken in an attempt to keep costs low, but a simple error could lead to a much larger price tag than the initial cost of hiring a professional demolition company. Opting for a professional contractor has many benefits you should bear in mind when embarking on a demolition project.


It is important to always remain guarded when involved in a demolition project as the structure you are dealing with may have concealed internal damage that can cause the building to be weakened and crumble at any moment. When dealing with a demolition project, you must always check to see if you require any permits or licensing to allow you to undertake the dangerous work. Hiring a professional service means that all the correct paperwork will be taken care of and the potential health risks that you might miss, such as lead paint, irritating drywall dust, asbestos presence and unsafe structures, will be spotted and safeguarded against.

Concrete Drilling Services are fully accredited worksafe contractors and take the safety of our work on-site very seriously.


If you aren’t adept or experienced at demolition work, you may find that undertaking your project without professional assistance may be a much lengthier project than you first anticipated. This progress can be halted even more if you do make a mistake or something goes wrong in your demolition. If you are eager to get your project done or are working within strict time confinements, the hiring of a professional service can allow the process to be carried out in much quicker manner.

Perfect execution

Incorrect demolitions may result in irreparable damage to the structure – say, for example, you simply want to remove one wall in a large factory and discover that you’ve removed a supporting wall. To ensure that your finished construction looks how you pictured it, hire professionals who have the expertise to perfectly execute the job – you don’t want your project to be compromised when any problems could have easily been avoided.

Conserve energy

Any sort of manual labour requires a physical exertion that many of us would not be capable of carrying out at ease. With demolition work, this exertion can easily result in an injury. It is better to save your energy – and your back – by hiring well-practiced experts to carry out the hard work.

Specialist knowledge and tools

Part of working in the industry involves having the correct tools for the jobs. If you are undertaking a particularly large project armed with only a standard sledgehammer, you are unlikely to make quite the impact you had in mind. Furthermore, you may not have the knowledge on different demolition techniques to employ the most effective technique for your project.

Concrete Drilling Services are at the forefront of the industry in terms of knowledge, techniques and specialist tools, enabling us to make light work of even the largest demolition project. We specialise in using hydraulic bursting and crunching. This technique offers the cutting edge of technical advancements, breaking down concrete structures more quietly and cleaner than they have ever been done before. Suitable for the breakdown of:

  • Concrete walls
  • Foundations
  • Pillars
  • Beams

For quality work and professional contractors in the Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool areas, contact Concrete Drilling Services today.