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Why Are Diamonds Used in Drills?

Many people are surprised to find out that diamonds are used in drilling.


The highly revered gemstone is typically associated with precious jewellery, and therefore using it in such a harsh activity seems preposterous to many.


In fact, only a quarter of diamonds are used in fine jewellery; the majority are used for industrial purposes. If you’re one of the many who are shocked by this statistic, don’t fear. Our expert team here at Concrete Drilling Services are going to explain why diamonds are so sought after in our industry.


Diamond Drill

What looks like glitter around the base of the metal – is actually Diamonds!


  • The Benefits of Diamond Drills

Diamonds possess many properties that make them superb for drilling. It takes an incredible amount of durability to cut through tough surfaces, such as concrete, without being damaged. Succeeding in this requires a material that exceeds the toughness of concrete — which is no easy feat!


Diamond is the toughest naturally occurring material. Its structure possesses an unrivalled level of strong covalent bonds. This makes it extremely tough and therefore perfectly suited to cutting through robust surfaces.


In addition, diamond is hollow, meaning water can be pumped through it effectively. This is also important for drilling as it allows us to perform wet drilling methods using diamond drill bits. Wet drilling is a technique where water is pumped into and out of the drill bit throughout the drilling process.


Doing so helps to minimise the amount of dust that is created, making it vital for drilling in enclosed spaces. Diamonds facilitate this technique flawlessly. Plus, diamonds are insoluble, meaning they won’t be worn down by water over time. The wet drilling technique can be applied time and time again without affecting the diamonds.


Further, diamonds are extremely good at withstanding heat. This is helpful, as rapid drilling can often leave the drill bits extremely hot. Diamonds have a stunningly high melting point — around 3550 degrees celsius — which makes them perfectly suitable for use in hot drill bits.



  • How are Diamonds implemented into the Drill?

Leading from the initial confusion, many people also question how exactly the diamonds are incorporated within the drill for maximum efficiency.


Drill bits are metal tubes that are attached to the front of drills. These are commonly found on the majority of drills, including standard household drills that are used to create holes in the walls.


Unlike these drills, however, diamond drill bits encrust a layer of diamonds alongside metal on the forefront of the metal tube. When the drill is being used, the drill bit spins or vibrates at high-speeds and is pressed against a surface. The highly robust diamonds force their way through the surface, creating a hole. This is fundamentally how diamond drilling works.


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Here at Concrete Drilling Services we only employ the very best equipment and methods for our drilling operations. We’re fully versed in how to undertake drilling projects efficiently and safely, and much of that is due largely to the effectiveness of our diamond drill bit. To learn more, or to enquire further, give our friendly team a call today.