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When is it Appropriate to Use Diamond Drilling?

When is it Appropriate to Use Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling is an increasingly popular method of drilling that allows for very precise and neat work. This method is perfect for many situations within construction, and diamond drill bits are a versatile and reliable tool to have on hand. However, there are some cases where using a diamond drill bit may not be beneficial, and the team at Concrete Drilling Services have put together this article to outline when it is and isn’t appropriate to use diamond drilling, so you can get the best craftsmanship for your project.

Hard Materials

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials in the world, and therefore diamond drilling is perfect for dealing with very hard materials that a standard drill bit would struggle to dent. The type of materials that are appropriate for diamond drilling fall into the following categories:

  • Glass (tempered glass is an exception, discussed in more detail below)
  • Concrete
  • Bedrock (e.g granite)
  • Ceramic, porcelain, tiles etc.

Depending on the hardness of the material you are drilling, you will have to alter the speed, pressure and lubrication you are using. If you use the improper technique, you can damage both your drill bit and the surface you are attempting to drill. We would always recommend that you use a professional service, such as ourselves here at Concrete Drilling Services, to ensure that the job is completed correctly and to a high standard.

It is not recommended to use diamond drilling on soft materials as the textures of the surface can clog up the drill bit, slowing the process and even making the drilling imprecise.

Precision Holes

Diamond drilling is suitable for any hard surface that requires precision. This method is ideal for creating circular holes, as deep as you require, that need to be precise all the way through. Diamond drill bits are available in a range of sizes, even down to as small as 0.75mm, making diamond drilling perfect for big jobs and small jobs alike.

Not Suitable for Tempered Glass

Diamond drilling tempered glass is extremely difficult, with breakage rates reaching as high as 90%. This is because to create tempered glass, there is large amount of stress placed on portions of the material that isn’t visible to the eye. If you hit a piece of stressed glass, it is more than likely that the glass will crack. Whilst it might be possible to successfully drill tempered glass using a high-quality drill bit, precision and a great amount of care, we’d recommend you contact an expert before even attempting the process.


If you’re in need of diamond drilling services in Lancashire, Bolton, Manchester or Liverpool, Concrete Drilling Services can help. Our team have over 30 years of experience in the industry and can deal with any job, big or small. Our technique ensures a quick, clean and perfect service, enabling you to get your job completed as soon as possible. For more information on this, or any of our other services, get in contact today and we’ll be happy to help.

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