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What Kind of Blade Do I Need to Cut Concrete?

What Kind of Blade Do I Need to Cut Concrete?

For concrete with a thickness of over five inches, you might want to leave cutting to a professional. At Concrete Drilling Services Ltd, we’re always using the latest machinery and techniques to achieve high-quality, efficient concrete cutting for our clients.

Our range of concrete cutting services uses the following equipment:

  • Wall saw/Track saws
  • Core drills
  • Wire saws
  • Floor saws
  • Ring saws

Engineer Cutting Concrete Road

All of the above take special, technical skill to operate, achieving clean and precise cutting on commercial projects. For that reason, we use only the best, most innovative equipment – including the latest, industrial concrete cutting blades. We’re leading concrete cutting contractors for Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and beyond.

But what if you want to cut concrete at home? For concrete slabs or thinner pieces of concrete, you might be asking yourself ‘what kind of blade do I need to cut concrete?’ This month, we’ll talk you through some of the ways you can go about cutting concrete safely at home and what type of blade you can use to get the job done. 

First things first, let’s talk about safety. Cutting concrete can be dangerous for a number of reasons, from the dust created to the sharp tools involved. If you’re not confident in your DIY or you’ve never cut concrete before, then we’d advise you to seek out professional help. If you are going ahead with the project, then make sure you have the following protective gear:

  • Eye protection
  • Ear protectors
  • Face shield
  • Shin and knee pads
  • Steel toe cap boots
  • Heavy overalls
  • A dust mask

Types of Diamond blades

Concrete Sawing Disk Close Up

If you’re going to cut concrete, a diamond blade is your safest bet. You’ll need to make sure you identify a diamond blade which is adequate for cutting concrete, as some will be designed to cut other materials such as ceramic tiles. You can check with the manufacturer or seller if you are unsure. 

The two types of diamond blades are:

  • Segmented RimThis rim is a diamond blade but has segments on the rim which help to keep the blade cool when cutting through concrete. This blade can be used when you don’t have water to keep the blade cool.
  • Continuous Rim – As you might have guessed from the name, the continuous rim means there are no segments. This means it should be used in combination with water to keep the blade cool, providing a wet cut. 

Selecting a blade and tool comes down to preference (and experience) but be sure to get the right blade to avoid creating a hazard. For example, you shouldn’t use water with an electric hand saw. Also, keep in mind the strength of the material you’re cutting when selecting a blade – if you aren’t sure what strength you need, you might require professional assistance.

Cutting concrete is always best left to the professionals with the skill and technical knowledge on how to safely and accurately perform the task. Contact our professional team today at Concrete Diamond Drilling Ltd to learn more about commercial concrete cutting for walls and floors on your project – we’re always happy to help.

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