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What is diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is a powerful method of drilling which can create precise, neat holes through the strongest of materials. This is a specialist service which should only be carried out by trained professionals to ensure correct and safe usage of the technical machinery and for high quality results. Read on to learn more about what diamond drilling is and its variety of uses.

  • Diamond drilling

Diamond drilling allows accurate holes to be drilled through nearly any material – including stone, metal, concrete and even reinforced concrete. This strength is due to the use of diamonds – which are the toughest naturally occurring material in the world – being embedded into the drill bit. Another defining feature of diamond drill bits is that they are hollow, allowing water to be pumped through to keep the point of drilling cool and minimise the spread of dust – ideal for confined spaces.
The diamond drilling technique is versatile, allowing it to be used under many different circumstances – take a look at our case studies for some examples. As well as the strength of diamond drills, this method is quiet and non-percussive, ensuring the work carried out causes little disruption. With equipment ranging from small handheld rigs to large, high-performance, remotely controlled rigs – there is something for all situations.

  • Uses of diamond drilling

Diamond drilling can be used to create a wide range of holes, all of which will be precise and cleanly formed. With our equipment, we can drill holes from 12mm to 650mm in diameter and ‘stitch drilling’ – drilling several overlapping holes – can be employed to make larger openings.
Although predominantly used for drilling through concrete, diamond drilling can be used to cut through many materials. From glass and tiles to reinforced concrete and masonry, by updating technique, diamond drilling is suitable for an impressive range of jobs – even those which are underwater!
As this method is non-percussive, producing only minimal vibrations, it reduces the likelihood of chips and cracks – perfect for when the rest of the structure needs to be maintained. Common reasons for employing diamond drilling include to make holes through structures for electrical wiring, plumbing, pipework and ductwork.

  • Advantages of diamond drilling

Diamond drilling is used in a wide variety of construction projects. Its popularity can be explained on account of its many advantageous traits, such as:
– Precise, neat, high standard of drilling
– Can cut through very strong materials
– Reduced likelihood of chips, cracks or debris thanks to the non-percussive drilling
– Minimal dust output
– A lot quieter than alternative methods
– Can be used in a wide variety of places, from confined rooms to underwater
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