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What is Brokk demolition?

Brokk demolition is a state of the art type of demolition, which takes a safe and efficient approach to demolition work. The Brokk machines carry out demolition work via remote control, meaning powerful demolition works can be carried out remotely.

With over 30 years creating and supplying these innovative machines, the Brokk business have tailored machines to be as safe, efficient and cost-effective as possible. This type of demolition is one that is becoming increasingly more popular within markets and on sites in an increasing number of areas, with over 5000 Brokk machines now in use worldwide; and due to its considerable benefits, this is no surprise.

History of Brokk demolition

Originally two demolition companies – PE Holmgren and Rivtenik – in 1976 the two businesses compiled their ideas to create their own demolition machine following the companies’ experiences of a particularly hazardous demolition project at a smelting plant in Sweden. The first machine created was the Brokk 250 (at the time, named the ‘Mini-Max’ or PH250), and following this in 1982 operations expanded and Brokk was formed as a separate company, with subsequent machine creations occurring on a regular basis from their initiation.

Benefits of Brokk demolition

The premise of this type of demolition, and its main selling point, is that due to its nature as remotely-controlled work, safety is seriously improved on demolition sites as there is less close-proximity for workers to the demolition work. By reducing workers’ contact with demolition works, there is less risk of potential injury or mishaps. Other benefits of this type of demolition include its cost-effectiveness as workforces can be minimised. Further to this, all Brokk demolition work is carried out in an efficient manner on account of the purely machine-controlled work that does not rely on human contact, checks or ‘setting out’; something that can be a lengthy process.

Why choose Brokk for your project?

There are a variety of Brokk demolition machines to suit all manner of projects, making this a wise choice for sites of all different types. Whether working on a commercial or domestic demolition, large or small, this type of demolition work ensures efficiency and safety on any project it is used for.

At Concrete Drilling Services, we use state of the art Brokk machinery to carry out our demolitions work, ensuring your demolitions project is safe, efficient and affordable. For more information on our services, or to arrange your demolition project with us, contact our friendly team of experts today.