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What Are Wire Saws and Why Are They so Good for Sawing Concrete?

Wire sawing is an increasingly popular method of concrete cutting that is being employed on jobs where traditional tools are failing to provide the accuracy or depth that the task requires. Wire saws are a very useful tool for a host of cutting tasks, and offer benefits that make them a handy tool to have at your disposal for jobs big and small.


What are wire saws?

Wire saws are made from a diamond-infused wire that is abrasive enough to cut through concrete. Often lubricated with water or oil, the wire is threaded through drilled cross sections of the concrete’s surface and pulled through a system of guide wheels and hydraulic motors to cut through the concrete section in a loop formation.


When to use wire sawing

Wire sawing is perfect for jobs that require substantial areas of concrete to be completely removed, or in situations of limited access such as small, cramped spaces like bridge decks, or even underwater, where navigating with bulky equipment is more difficult.


The benefits

  • Deep cuts wire cutting offers an almost unlimited depth range for cutting
  • Clean to use wire cutters produce much less dust than other methods of cutting as they work by abrasion and use water as a lubricant, making the process easier and smoother, meaning there is less mess to be cleaned up afterwards.
  • Can be used in restricted access areas that larger equipment can’t reach – wire cutters are much more flexible in their use, requiring less space to operate and as the machinery isn’t manually operated it is ideal for jobs that can’t be accessed by workers with wall or ring saws.
  • Precision cutting and cornering – the wire is guided through the cross section of the concrete to be cut using drill holes, so the cuts are precise to the shape and size specified. Furthermore, because the wire is much narrower and more flexible than standard ring saws, the cuts can be completed with more precision.
  • Quiet – wire sawing causes much less noise pollution than other methods of concrete cutting, making it ideal in housing environments or for work taking place at unsociable hours as it is much less likely to cause a disturbance to others in the area.
  • Quick – the process is entirely motor operated, so works at a quick, consistent speed that manual labour wouldn’t be able to provide, getting the job completed much quicker.
  • Increased safety – the wire saw is remote control operated, so there’s less chance of accidents involving members of staff.


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