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Types of Concrete and Their Uses in Construction

Concrete is used worldwide for construction projects of all types and sizes, thanks to its reliability, its durability and the various types of concrete available to use. However, while this variety makes concrete a versatile material, it can be confusing to the uninitiated.

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In this article, Concrete Drilling Services will look at some of the different types of concrete available and what they can be used for.

  • Reinforced Concrete

Normal concrete boasts good compression strength, but its tensile strength leaves something to be desired. Reinforced concrete offers increased tensile strength to ensure that it can bear different kinds of loads. It’s often reinforced using steel rods and bars, and more recently meshes and fibres.

  • Air entrained concrete

Entrainment is a process by which air is deliberately added to a concrete mix via the insertion of foam or gas, known as foaming agents. Air entrained concrete is designed to increase the workability of concrete, usually resulting in a reduction in strength of around 3%-7%.

  • Ready mix concrete

Ready mixed concrete is batched before delivery using an exact recipe that has been devised to suit the requirements of the project. It is then delivered and pumped into place by a fleet of mixing trucks.

  • Volumetric concrete

Volumetric concrete is mixed on site, with the various raw ingredients of the concrete mix being stored in separate compartments on a mobile mixer, before being combined to create the perfect batch of concrete. The main benefit of this type of concrete is that it allows for adjustments to be made to the mix on-the-go.

  • Self-compacting concrete

Self-compacting concrete, as the name suggests, compacts itself, which makes it very easy to place. It often contains superplasticisers, which help to facilitate the high flow rate and strength that makes this type of concrete preferable to others.

  • Gen 0

Also known as C7/C8 concrete, this type of mix is used for things like kerbs and domestic foundations. While there are other, stronger types of concrete, this type still enjoys a robust strength of 7 Newtons after 28 days.

  • C25 concrete

C25 is a very strong mix of concrete, used for heavy-duty applications like foundations for buildings, groundwork, footings for unstable ground, and patios. After 28 days, the concrete will have a strength of 25 newtons.

  • C30/PAV 1

C30 concrete, also known as PAV 1, is one of the aforementioned air-entrained concrete mixes. This is used for external applications like driveways, reinforced foundations, and access routes for heavy vehicles.


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