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Tips for quality concrete saw cutting

Tips for quality concrete saw cutting

concrete saw cutting
Concrete cutting which is completed to a high standard takes skill, know-how and the right equipment. Concrete saw cutting is a task which requires particular precision as the vast majority of the time, you only get one chance to get the job done right. This ability is very useful in a wide variety of construction projects, from demolitions to patio remodelling, and everything in between.
At Concrete Drilling Services, we are experts in all forms of concrete cutting work and we have put together some helpful top tips for achieving a quality finish when concrete saw cutting.


The right equipment for the job

Picking the right type of concrete cutting saw is an important aspect of the work. If you pick inappropriate equipment, your work will suffer and you can create a safety hazard. Damaged materials and equipment are also likely side effects of using the wrong concrete saw.

The main types of concrete cutting saws are:

  • Handheld saws: these are small, compact and only suitable for small jobs such as making shallow, sharp cuts, creating a clean finish or tidying up corners.
  • • Wet saws: a special type of saw which pumps a constant water supply to the blade whilst running. This is used to reduce heat and the amount of dust emitted during the work – ideal for enclosed spaces.
  • • Diamond saws: this type of blade is used for precision work, and is able to cut cleanly and quickly through even the strongest reinforced concrete.
  • • Walk-behind saws: these are the largest type of commonly used saw and are useful for large scale work such as demolitions or cutting through big concrete slabs.


Variety of blades

Having the option of several different blades for any concrete cutting work will ensure you can carry it out as effectively as possible. As with different types of saws, different blades will offer different concrete cutting abilities. Different kinds and sizes of blade will suit different jobs in which varying depths and sizes of concrete material need to be cut through. For example, a large diamond blade should be selected for work where thicker pieces of strongly reinforced concrete needs to be cut.

If you find that the weight of the saw is not enough to cut through the material and it appears you need to exert pressure to proceed, this is a sign you are using the wrong blade/equipment. In this instance, you should stop working and change to heavier duty equipment.

Sharp blades

High quality concrete cutting relies on your blades being in optimum condition. Blunt blades create a whole host of issues, including reducing the precision of your work, increasing the amount of dust created during cutting, increasing heat from cutting, and decreasing the overall lifespan of your saw equipment. It is, therefore, imperative that you check all blades before usage to look for wear or damage which could impede your work.


Proper planning is a crucial step to good concrete cutting. Firstly, you should familiarise yourself with the structure of the concrete – allowing you to select the best equipment and blades – and determine whether there is any wiring or pipework inside which you will have to avoid or cut through.

Next, you should mark your cut line and make an initial surface cut. This will create a clearly marked guideline and also breaks the solidity of the surface, increasing ease of cutting for further work.

During cutting, remember to withdraw your blade from the concrete roughly every 30 seconds to prevent overheating.


Concrete cutting involves heavy, potentially dangerous equipment which requires careful handling and sufficient bodily protection. Safety gear – including protective gloves, safety goggles and ear defenders – should always be worn when operating concrete cutting saws.  

Concrete Drilling Services is a provider of specialist concrete cutting and drilling services across the North West. The expertise our team brings to every job ensures you receive precision concrete cutting. We also use advanced equipment and tried-and-true techniques for creating the highest quality finish. For further information about any aspect of our services, get in touch with our team today.

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