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The numerous applications of diamond drilling

Diamond drilling is a much-favoured technique in the construction industry, with a long-established usage in drilling a variety of different hole sizes in concrete and brickwork structures. Boasting a wealth of benefits, this technique has serious merit for various standard construction projects and applications (see Why is diamond such a popular material for drilling with?). Nowadays, however, this technique is also being used in other capacities within the construction sector, allowing for a number of more challenging tasks to be completed where previously there was no alternative equipment or techniques available. Here are some of the applications that diamond drilling is used for in the construction sector today:

Ducting or electrical cabling installations

For anyone carrying out the installation of ducting or electrical cabling, diamond drilling is an effective method to use as it drills holes successfully through a variety of concrete and brickwork structures. Creating a precise hole without damaging any surfaces, this is a favoured technique by those installing these features, creating minimal mess in the process.


Concrete bursting is a technique which utilises diamond drilling to create a series of pilot holes within concrete, brick and stone surfaces of buildings due to be demolished. When the diamond drilling has been carried out and the holes made, a hydraulic burster is then inserted and expands inside the concrete, splitting it apart as it does so. For precise demolition, this is a favoured technique.

Core extraction

For the process of extracting rock cores from an area, diamond drilling can be used. In instances such as those where street furniture is being fitted, this procedure is necessary to remove parts of the street’s surface without damaging the structural condition and quality of the paving. As well as this, the process of diamond drilling creates very little mess and disruption, thus allowing projects of this sort to be completed in a prompt, tidy fashion.


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