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The Best Concrete Cutting Tools

When water and cement are mixed together, they combine to make concrete: one of the toughest surfaces known to man. Revered for being extremely robust and durable, concrete is fantastic for providing stability to buildings and structures, but challenging to cut, remove or destroy.


Luckily, the construction industry has seen its saws and cutting methods advance significantly over the years. There are now a wide variety of tools proficient in the cutting of concrete, each of whom offer a level of power and precision once thought to be impossible up until relatively recent times.


In this article, we’re going to profile the four different concrete cutting tools we provide here at Concrete Drilling Services. When coupled with our team of highly experienced engineers, these drilling tools offer some of the most efficient and effective concrete cutting around.


  • Ring saws


Ring saws are handheld bandsaws that use circular, abrasive blades. Aside from being ultra portable and highly powerful, the unique shape of both the saw head and the abrasive blades provide the ring saw with a range of other benefits.


– The circular head makes the saw easy to maneuver round corners or tight spaces. This makes ring saws an excellent choice for jobs that demand curved or right angled cuts.


– The spinning motion of a circular ring saw helps to keep the blade in good condition. Saws that vibrate get worn out more quickly, but ring saws maintain their sharpness for longer.


– Ring saws are also much safer than other alternatives. The use of abrasive blades as opposed to toothed blades makes the saw excellent for use on tough surfaces only. Since the saw works by creating friction as opposed to slicing, it simply bounces off of soft surfaces, such as skin.


  • Wire saws


Wire sawing may be the most unusual looking sawing method. Rather than using a sharp blade, as most people would imagine with sawing, wire sawing uses diamond encrusted wires that surround and compress concrete at extremely high speeds. Though not as well known as alternative methods, wire sawing provides a host of useful benefits:


– Wire sawing cuts surrounds and encloses an object, allowing simultaneous sawing from all sides.


– Diamonds encrusted blades provide an unprecedented level of strength.


– Wire saw cutting can be operated underwater, making it vital for some niche but important jobs.


– The high speeds that the wires operate at allow projects to be completed quickly.


  • Wall saws


A wall saw is comprised of a diamond saw head on a vertical track. Once set up on a wall, the saw is operated remotely. This type of sawing provides the following benefits:


– Due to using a pre-programmed track that is operated remotely, the wall saw is exceedingly accurate.


– Not needing to be hands-on with the saw to operate it maximises safety for its users.


– Wall saws limit noise, dust and debris.


  • Floor saws


Floor sawing features a diamond blade attached to the base of a trolley-like piece of equipment. A single person pushes the saw along the floor, cutting into the concrete as they go.


– Floor saws can be combined with water to provide a wet cleaning service that suppresses dust.


– The machines are compact, making them suitable for use in tight spaces.


– Floor saws are hugely proficient at cutting flat surfaces quickly.


Concrete Drilling Services are able to cater to all types of concrete cutting projects. Utilising all the above sawing apparatus and more, we ensure we deliver efficient, effective results to customers all throughout the Liverpool, Manchester and Bolton areas. Give us a call today to enquire about any of our expert concrete drilling services.