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Reasons Why Ring Saws Are an Effective Cutting Tool

Rings saws are an effective cutting tool used for concrete cutting and creating entrances into brick walls, and are especially useful in confined spaces or hard to reach locations. There are many benefits of using rings saws, yet many seem unaware of their potential uses on various building sites. This article will outline how ring saws work and the ways they can assist you on your project.
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  • What is a Ring Saw?

A ring saw is a handheld variety of bandsaw, but instead of having a flexible, oblong shaped band, a ring saw has a circular rigid band, and an abrasive blade rather than toothed.

  • What is it Used For?

Ring saws are handheld, so they are used to cut areas that aren’t accessible by road saws but require deeper cuts than a hand saw can provide. They are also used for precision cutting to prevent pipes and concrete being overcut and damaged.
A ring saw can cut through any hard material including:
– Stone
– Granite
– Marble
– Glass
– Acrylic
Within construction, ring saws are often used for creating small openings through concrete or brick walls – to create windows, door frames and ventilation, for example.

  • What are the Benefits of Using a Ring Saw?

The benefits of ring saws are numerous:
– Portable
– Powerful – a ring saw can create a cut of up to 275mm in depth
– Allow for precise cuts – ring sawing can create corners and right angle cuts with ease
– Can be used in confined spaces
– Quick
– Ring saws are used with water to keep the blade cool, wet blades don’t create as much dust as other methods and so this is a much cleaner method of cutting
– Can cause less injuries – because the blade is bumped rather than toothed, the abrasive edge works by creating friction against a hard surface, skin is soft so can bounce harmlessly off the bumps
– A ring saw operates by the blade spinning in a circle, whereas other concrete cutters vibrate, which can wear out the teeth of the machine quicker and cause chips and abrasions to a more delicate material
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