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Why Proper Concrete Floor Preparation Is Important

Concrete, while a robust and sturdy material that has proved an invaluable foundation for our society, can suffer immensely if it isn’t well maintained. Concrete flooring in particular is vulnerable to wear, making it essential that is laid and cared for responsibly. Here, we’ll be explaining just why it is especially important to prepare floors for concrete appropriately.


Uneven Surfaces Compromise Health & Safety

If the floor isn’t prepared properly, when the new concrete flooring is laid it could lead to an uneven surface that compromises health and safety. Potholes are at the worst end of this spectrum, but more generally uneven surfaces can be widespread and a hazard to stability, of people, machinery and stands and furniture. Proper preparation of the surface will ensure it is flat and the concrete is laid to a professional finish.


Dust Negatively Affects Surface Adhesion

Layers of dust will likely coat your worksite. Installing a new floor in such conditions will negatively affect surface adhesion. Therefore, it is essential that the surface is prepared by removing all dust beforehand. Doing so will ensure full adhesion is attained.


Preparation Protects Machinery and Stock

Not only will an uneven surface compromise your premises’ health and safety compliance, but also the safety of anything you place upon it. Particularly in factories and retail stores, if your concrete floors are unevenly laid then things like machinery, stock shelves etc. are more likely to topple. Damage could be immense, to both the toppled item and the concrete floor, further compromising stability. So be sure to prepare the floor appropriately!


Excellent Preparation Paves the Way for Other Procedures

Though you may require the services of a professional concrete drilling team, their ability to deliver an expert service will be entirely dependent on the quality of your concrete. In the case of floors, to get the full benefit of concrete drilling, chasing or sawing, it is essential that the floor has been efficiently prepared beforehand. An unprepared floor may have an uneven surface or not adhered correctly, so drilling into it could prove disastrous. Cracks could form that would be difficult to repair, for instance. In the worst case, you’ll have to have the floor demolished and replaced.

Once you have prepared your concrete floor adequately, you may be in need of a concrete drilling professional you can rely on. That’s where Concrete Drilling Services Limited can help.


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