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Concrete Drilling Services

How to Break Concrete

Concrete is tough. Very tough. So tough in fact that we use concrete in the majority of construction projects all over the world. From bridges to houses, roads to skyscrapers, – it’s not an exaggeration to state that concrete is the fundamental building material in modern society.


A material as robust as concrete is great when you need to erect structures, but not so great when you need to remove them. Cutting through concrete has, up until recent years, been quite a tricky task. Luckily, the construction industry has seen huge developments in electric sawing, drilling and demolition, and now there are multiple methods to breaking down and cutting through concrete. This article is going to take a look at the ways we, at Concrete Drilling Services, can cut through concrete with pinpoint accuracy and rapid efficiency.


  • Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is an effective cutting method that manages to cut through concrete thanks to its diamond-embedded drill bits. Diamond is the toughest natural material in the world, and as a result strengthens the drill bit to a point at which it can cut through concrete. Here at Concrete Drilling Services, we specialise in the use of diamond drilling. Our business supports a variety of diamond drilling techniques, each of which can be utilised to effectively cut concrete in different situations.



Wire sawing – an unorthodox method of drilling that incorporates diamond drill bits in wires, as opposed to more typical-looking blades. These wires run at high speeds and surround the concrete, slowly enclosing it and cutting it from all angles. This method is particularly good for when concrete can be tackled from all angles.


Wall sawing – a diamond blade is attached to a vertical track that slices through concrete wall via remote operation. This method is obviously great when needing to cut through concrete vertically, but the addition of the track makes it exceptionally precise.


Floor sawing – a diamond blade is attached to a trolley-like apparatus that cuts similarly to a wall saw, but is manually pushed along the ground. This method is efficient in cutting flat, horizontal surfaces.


  • Brokk Crunching/Bursting

Despite our name, Concrete Drilling Services do more than just drilling. Sometimes we need to break concrete through more destructive methods. Brokk Demolition is a state of the art demolition service that uses remote technology to provide an efficient solution to breaking concrete.

Our brokk crunching and bursting services crush or break the concrete into rubble, bringing down the concrete structure and making it easier to clean away. The method is surprisingly quiet; it doesn’t use the vibrations of more traditional methods and therefore gives off little noise.Many of our customers are also pleasantly surprised with how little mess is produced.


At Concrete Drilling Services, we specialise in concrete removal. We use only the highest quality equipment to ensure an efficient and safe operation on all of our services. For more information, contact our expert team today.