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A guide for storing and maintaining concrete saws

storing and maintaining concrete saws guide
If you look after your concrete saws by carrying out appropriate maintenance and storage techniques, you will significantly extend their lifespan. Not only will well-maintained equipment last longer, it is also safer and easier to use. Concrete saws by their very nature carry out tough and wearing work and so keeping them in top condition is a job you can’t get away with shirking. Have a look through this guide for maintaining and storing concrete saws to learn how to keep your equipment in good shape.


One of the simplest, but most effective, maintenance tasks you can carry out for the benefit of your concrete saw is to keep it clean. It is easy for your concrete saws to get splattered with concrete, dirty water from wet sawing, and general coverage in dust and debris. If this is allowed to accumulate, it can reduce the functioning of your saw and its lifespan, by increasing operating strain and wear and tear.

Cleaning your concrete saw needn’t be a difficult task, so long as you carry it out frequently. It is only once concrete has been allowed to solidify on to your equipment that it becomes an arduous task to manage. After you’ve finished a job, or at the end of the day, wash off your saw with clean water then wipe it down and dry it with a cloth.

Concrete contains chemicals which help prevent corrosion which also have the side effect of making the substance highly alkaline. This alkalinity can be a problem if concrete comes into contact with your skin, causing irritation and concrete burns. If your machinery isn’t kept clean, you run a higher risk of experiencing these nasty injuries. Over time, if your tools are left covered in concrete, the alkalinity can also reduce their lifespan.

Carrying out standard daily upkeep tasks for your concrete saw will help it stay in top condition. Get into the habit of inspecting your saw before use. Look out for any damage, check that the blades are sharp, lubricate parts when necessary and check belt tension.


Storing your equipment in the proper conditions can also help increase longevity and maintain the full functionality of your concrete saws. You should store your tools in a dry place which is out of the elements as extended exposure to damp and humidity can be damaging. Don’t keep saws in direct sunlight or other areas which can be subject to temperature extremes – both hot and cold – as this can contribute to premature wear.

Be sure to remember to rest your concrete saws after every two hours of solid usage. Without these periodic breaks, the equipment can become strained and overheated, causing rapid wear and potentially permanent damage.


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