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Diamond Drilling: The Best Drilling Solution

Diamond drilling is the cutting edge of modern drilling solutions in the construction industry. Unlike standard drills, diamond drills feature drill bits embedded with diamonds: the toughest natural material in the world. The addition of diamonds greatly improves the drill’s performance, making it exceptionally robust, accurate and efficient. Consequently, the diamond drill has a huge number of uses.


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In this article we will be highlighting the various features of a diamond drill and explaining why diamond drilling really is the best drilling solution for all construction needs.


  • Accuracy

A key feature of the diamond drill is its minimal vibration functionality. By reducing the amount of vibration, the diamond drill reduces the amount of sporadic movement. As a result, the worker has greater control over the diamond drill and can therefore cut much more accurately than would be achieved with a regular drill.


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  • Speed

Speed is another emphatic feature of the diamond drill. The powerful motor drives the drill with great force. This, coupled with the drill’s lack of vibration and greater accuracy, contributes towards a much more efficient drilling experience than when using regular drills.


  • Noise pollution reduction

An unfortunate side effect with most regular drills is the abundance of noise they produce. The unruly noise is often so disruptive that it limits the areas in which the drilling can take place. Diamond drilling achieves a non-percussive drilling experience by operating with minimum vibrations. A non-percussive drilling experience is beneficial to both the workers and clients; workers are at a much lower risk of developing hearing problems, and clients aren’t distracted by unrelenting noise. Furthermore, the significant reduction in noise means diamond drilling services are suitable for any job in any working environment.


  • Dust reduction

The hollow interior of the diamond drill bit is specifically designed to allow water to enter and cool the drill at point of contact. Known as ‘wet drilling’, this method stops the drill from overheating (allowing it to work at a higher rate), and greatly reduces the amount of dust the drilling produces. The importance of this feature cannot be stressed enough. Silica is a harmful material found in mortar, concrete and sandstone, which, when inhaled, has the potential to cause various illnesses to exposed construction workers, including:

  • • Asthma
  • • Silicosis
  • • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • • Lung cancer

By using a drill that integrates a constant stream of water, we’re able to consistently keep the material wet, thereby dampening the dust and preventing a great deal of it from filling the air. This greatly reduce the risk of any silica-related diseases afflicting our workers.


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At Concrete Drilling Services, we offer diamond drilling service for all jobs – big or small. Our team is comprised of experts, all of whom are fully trained to perform diamond drilling safely and efficiently on a huge range of materials and surfaces. To learn more, or to enquire about any of our services, give our friendly staff a call today.