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Diamond Drilling Safety Guidelines

Diamond Drilling Safety Guidelines

Diamond drilling is a powerful and effective method of drilling which can precisely cut through exceptionally strong materials. It is, therefore, very important to make sure that this drilling method is carried out carefully, adhering to strict health and safety standards. In this article we will cover some of the key preventive safety steps that should be carried out when working with diamond drills.

Before operating a diamond drill

Carry out these checks with the diamond drill turned off and unplugged.

Diamond drilling machine hole in the concrete

  • • Inspect the power cord for any damage, including worn or broken wire casing and protruding wires. Check that the plug is also undamaged.
  • • Look over the whole drilling equipment for missing parts, breaks or wear.
  • • Check the vacuum seal to ensure it is fully intact and isn’t worn out. If this is worn, it should be replaced before the drill is used.
  • • Ensure that the drill bits, and any of your other attachments, are designed for the drilling equipment you have. Also make sure you have the right sized drill bits for the project at hand to ensure the best, and most accurate finish.
  • • Make sure that the drill body and controls are clean. The presence of dirt, debris and grease on the drill can reduce the ease of use and could contribute to an accident.
  • • Check the blades – you should never commence work if these are blunt. If the cutting blades aren’t sharp enough, this can produce poor quality work, slippages and even serious accidents.

If after carrying out these checks you find anything is amiss, worn, broken, or similar, you should rectify the issue before operating the drill. It is hazardous to work with equipment which isn’t in full working condition.

During the operation of a diamond drill

Make sure you follow these steps whenever you are operating a diamond drill for best practice and to ensure safety. You should also read the equipment’s manufacturer guidelines before use to ensure you are familiar with its capabilities and design.
Diamond drilling safety equipment

  • • Make sure you are wearing suitably protective and tight clothing. Loose clothing can get caught in the equipment which can lead to severe accidents. Gloves should always be worn and should be hard-wearing with good grip.
  • • Always keep your hands away from the diamond drill bits. These parts are exceptionally strong and sharp and could easily slice through your protective gloves, and injure your fingers without the necessary care.
  • • Ensure your diamond drilling equipment is stable by anchoring it properly before use.
  • • Make sure you are working in an appropriate area which allows you to stand firmly to achieve optimum control over the powerful equipment you will be using.
  • • When drilling through a floor or ceiling, prepare the area and take safety precautions in case debris is dislodged during the drilling which could fall and cause damage or injury.
  • • Ensure that the drill is kept well lubricated with water during operation. This will reduce the heat from drilling, reduce wear to the drill bits, and trap dust which is expelled during the process.
  • • Always use the drilling equipment within the recommended feed rate and speed set out in the manufacturer’s guidelines. This prevents the motor from getting overloaded and wearing out and reduces the likelihood of the drill getting out of your control.

Following these operating guidelines should ensure that you are drilling safely and responsibly and will prevent injury to yourself or others.

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