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Construction Trends for 2021

Construction Trends for 2021

2021 is creeping ever closer, and despite this year’s hardships, the construction industry is still evolving. Whether it’s the utilisation of AI, green technology or cutting-edge project management software, if you hadn’t guessed it, next year will be all about tech.

In this article, the Concrete Drilling team are going to take a look at some of the construction trends that we will be seeing next year, giving you time to get properly prepared.


We often talk about artificial intelligence as if it’s perpetually just around the corner, but in fact it’s been here for a while now. From choosing the right flooring for a new building to sorting through large volumes of technical data, the construction industry has already been using AI to streamline processes, and in 2021 this will only increase.

AI will be used to reduce accidents by providing long and detailed risk management surveys in seconds. It will be used to organise and locate materials that are needed for a project and reduce downtime considerably. There’s really no limit to what AI can do for the construction industry.

Green Construction and Sustainability

Green thinking gathers momentum year on year, and this is no different in the construction industry. In fact, the construction industry in particular has a lot of catching up to do, considering that it is responsible for over 38% of the world’s emissions.

But what is green construction? Green construction focuses on altering building projects to make them environmentally responsible and more resource efficient. This is across each stage of a project’s life cycle too, including: planning and designing, construction, maintenance and demolition. 

Whether it’s using bricks made from cigarette butts or air conditioners running on thermal power, the demand for sustainable construction solutions is only going to increase in 2021.


Brokk Demolition Bots On Site

While we are starting to use AI to quickly sort through data in ways we never could, we are now starting to use robotics to performphysical tasks that we never could. For example, one emerging trend is the use of drones to survey the site, look out for any potential hazards and ensure that workers are safe. 

The construction industry is the worst offender globally for workplaces accidents, but drones, along with AI, are helping to reduce these figures.


It seems like each year there’s another popular science fiction trope that becomes reality, and 2020 was no different with the introduction of exoskeletons into the construction industry. 

So what is an exoskeleton? Essentially, an exoskeleton is a sort of mechanical suit or apparatus that the user wears to make tasks less physically demanding – 60% less physically demanding, according to some manufacturers. They also increase the user’s strength by an amplification of 20 to 1. This makes tasks around a site much quicker and safer, and also reduces the risk of back injury, a big problem amongst construction workers.

In 2021, we can expect exoskeletons to be used much more frequently across the construction industry as their production is fine-tuned and the number of manufacturers increases. It will be exciting to see how their capabilities increase too!

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