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Construction industry suffering from considerable skills shortage

Britain is, at present, facing a serious shortage in skills in its construction industry. The worst shortage experienced by the industry for a generation, the present situation sees a serious talent gap across a number of construction-related professions. Though this lack of skills in key construction sectors may not appear of urgent importance, there have in fact been a number of repercussions which need to be addressed with an increase in the skills present in this industry.

Projects put on hold

Due to this skills shortage, one subsequent difficulty experienced by the construction industry is that a number of projects are being put on hold. This is due to the fact that there simply are not enough skilled workers to complete the work required on the projects in question. For this reason, a number of construction projects are experiencing setbacks which means our construction industry and indeed our country’s landscape are not altering for the better, and thus we are not experiencing the beneficial economic growth that would come from new buildings, businesses and industries.

Demands for higher pay for skilled workers

Since there are fewer skilled workers in the construction industry at present, those that are working at present are in extremely high demand. As such, those skilled workers are – rightly – demanding higher rates of pay for their time since they are receiving higher levels of work on a more frequent basis than if there were more skilled workers in the industry.

Less GDP from construction projects

As discussed above, one hard-hitting problem of a lack of construction projects going ahead in our country is the subsequent lack of GDP generated within our economy. Whilst we are no longer experiencing the serious economic difficulty that our country felt the effects of just a few years ago, the continued growth of our country’s many industries including that of the construction sector is crucial for improved GDP in the future and a healthy, thriving economy in the long term.

With these negative repercussions that have been experienced, it goes without saying that it is important to remedy this lack of skills as soon as possible. Though this may mean higher levels of spending on improved education in the short term, the longer-term effects will be felt throughout not only the construction industry, but the UK’s economy as a whole.


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