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Concrete Cutting FAQs

Concrete cutting is a specialist service that Concrete Drilling Services is proud to provide. We are able to give a precise, high standard of work for any concrete cutting task due to our expert team and range of professional equipment. To give our customers some helpful information about this service, here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about concrete cutting.
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  • When would I need concrete cutting services?

Concrete cutting services are used for a whole host of different construction projects, as well as those in residential and industrial environments too. We deal with jobs both big and small from a range of different clients. Examples of instances where concrete cutting services may be needed include:
– To create an opening for a lift
– To create gaps for windows or doors
– Cutting through concrete flooring or surfaces
– Making passageways for wiring or pipework

  • Are diamond concrete cutting saws tipped with diamonds?

They are indeed. The diamonds that are ingrained into our saws are industrial diamonds, rather than the polished versions you’ll find in a jewellers, though. The diamonds are what allow us to precisely cut through such strong materials.

  • What is the difference between wet and dry cutting blades?

Wet cutting blades utilise water when they operate. The water is beneficial as it helps to keep the blades from heating up when moving, and also prevents the spread of dust which is emitted during the cutting.
Dry cutting blades do not use water. This kind of blade tends to be a handheld piece of cutting equipment used to create shallower cuts through materials.

  • Is concrete cutting loud?

As with all construction, noise is a side effect of concrete cutting. However, this method is not as loud as you may expect, and there are many things we can do to help further reduce disruption. Discuss with our team how they can help to reduce the impact of your concrete cutting work.

  • How long should you wait after a pour before cutting concrete?

If you cut concrete too soon, you can be left with raveling; leave it too long and the concrete can become more susceptible to cracking during the cutting process.
When exactly you should cut concrete generally depends upon the conditions. In summer, concrete can be expected to dry quicker and therefore you don’t have to wait so long to cut it. Our experts can help you establish the best time frame for cutting work but, generally, somewhere around 24 hours after pouring should suffice.  
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