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Brokk Reaches Milestone – 40 Years of Remote Demolition

Here at Concrete Drilling Services Limited, we pride ourselves on the fact that safety and efficiency are top of our agenda on the construction site.


To achieve this, only the best equipment in the world is suitable, and that’s why we’re proud to use the range of remote demolition machines designed by Brokk, who this year celebrate their 40th year anniversary.


  • Brokk Demolition with Concrete Drilling Services


We offer hydraulic demolition across Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and beyond with years of experience in the industry. Visit our brokk demolition page or contact us for a quote.


Brokk Demolition Bot


  • History of Brokk – from 1976


Since 1976, the Swedish company have been the leading innovators in the field of remote demolition, with it all stemming from the collaboration between engineers and visionaries seeking to improve the conditions of the dangerous and often inaccessible demolition work sites of the period.


They sought higher efficiency and better safety conditions for all. Thus was born the world’s first remote-controlled demolition machine, the Brokk 250.


In their time, Brokk have made a name for themselves as a cornerstone of modern demolition, cement, process, nuclear decommissioning, and underground projects the world over, having delivered over 6,000 machines to over 100 countries.


Furthermore, Brokk are characterised by their desire to see their products improve and adapt to new frontiers and requirements. This drive has meant their machines have been a crucial tool to aid in projects around the globe, with Brokk machines helping to clear Ground Zero after 9/11, and to contain the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the tsunami of March 2011.


  • 2011: A Year of Celebration


The manufacturer planned a year of festivities to mark this milestone in Brokk’s history, which kicked off in January 2011, with the announcement of a new model, the Brokk 120 Diesel, the world’s smallest diesel-powered model.


Brokk 120D – remote controll


Brokk also appeared at exhibitions around the world throughout the year, having already graced the likes of Las Vegas and San Francisco in the US, and München in Germany, with events in Sweden, Norway, South Africa, and China rounding out 2011.


Brokk are also celebrating the event on their Facebook page, asking for photos of you and your Brokk machine. Each month through 2011, the best of the bunch was chosen to feature in a virtual book and the winner received a unique Brokk jacket, just for the occasion!


And finally, Brokk also flew their birthday-flag high with a new logo, brandishing the slogan “Original Demolition Power since 1976”. All machines that leave the factory in 2011 featured the golden logo, so be sure to keep an eye out.


With 40 successful years under their belt and more exciting things coming our way to look forward to, we know Brokk will continue to build on their momentum, reaching ever skywards, and we wish them all the best in the future. Here’s to another 40 years!


  • What is next for Brokk?


Since 2011, Brokk have grown and developed some new technologies for their machines. Take a look at their history for details from 1976 onwards!


2011: The biggest Brokk-robot ever, Brokk 800, sees the light of day.


2012: Brokk acquires Ahlberg Cameras, the world’s leading supplier of camera equipment for the nuclear industry.


2014: Brokk’s owner, Lifco, is listed on the Nasdaq OMX stock exchange.


2016: Brokk celebrates 40 years of relentless innovation.


2016: Brokk acquires Aquajet Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of hydrodemolition robots and equipment.


2010-2017: High-pace international expansion sees the establishment of Brokk Australia, Brokk France, Brokk Italia, Brokk China, Brokk Norway, Brokk Switzerland, Brokk Benelux and Brokk Middle East.


2011-2017: Industry-leading product development pace generates Brokk 100, Brokk 60, Brokk 120D, Brokk 110, Brokk 280 and Brokk 500.


2017: Brokk introduces SmartPowerTM, the world’s most intelligent power system, purpose-built for heavy duty demolition robots.


2018: Brokk unveils four new machines – Brokk 170, Brokk 200, Brokk 300 and Brokk 520D.


2018: Brokk introduces Brokk SmartConceptTM, consisting of the next generation of SmartPower, SmartDesign and SmartRemote.


2018: A new service and support concept reaches the market, called Brokk UpTimeTM.


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