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Anchoring diamond cutting equipment for use in concrete drilling

When it comes to drilling through concrete you need to ensure that you are using the best possible equipment available to you so your cuts are precise and professional as opposed to haphazard and shoddy, which is why we here at Concrete Drilling Services use diamond cutting equipment when carrying out work to deliver the highest quality service available.

But anchoring diamond cutting equipment for use in concrete drilling can be a difficult process for those not in the know. So our customers know a little bit more about what we get up to at Concrete Drilling Services, this month we’ll be talking about how we utilise diamonds in our equipment.


Expert Care

As one of the hardest materials on the planet, diamonds are made of an extremely rigid carbon structure that makes them excellent at cutting through other materials that are less well-bonded. As a result, diamond is used widely in the industrial and scientific fields, but great care must be taken when it is used.

At Concrete Drilling Services, we are experts when it comes to using diamond cutting equipment. All of our team are anchor specialists who are experienced at dealing with critical situations, and we are fully versed in the proper operational etiquette of our chosen tools as laid out by our preferred manufacturer.


Calculating Resistance

There are a number of considerations we have to work through when deciding how best to proceed with drilling concrete depending on the situation. One of these considerations, among many others, involves the amount of resistance we can expect from a material and calculating the appropriate action needed for diamond drilling.

Balancing these requirements against each other is of the utmost importance in concrete drilling because in one direction you can damage the equipment and in the other invoke unnecessary damage to the concrete. We here at Concrete Drilling Services are experts at getting this balance right.

We also know that it’s important to mount diamond coring loads on the appropriate anchors so that the diamond cutting made is precise and the user is safe at all times.

Before we drill we have to work out a plethora of things to ensure that we deliver the best service possible, but we here at Concrete Drilling Services are more than qualified to deliver just that.


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