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Concrete Drilling Services

Achilles audit passed for the fourth year in a row

Concrete Drilling Services are proud to say that we’ve passed the Achilles audit process for the fourth consecutive year. With our commitment to providing a first class service and adhering to working standards of the highest level, we’re pleased to have received this recognition.



Achilles are an independent company who help simplify the supplier-buyer relationship for many industries. They provide a platform where suppliers can showcase their qualifications and demonstrate compliance across a whole host of criteria – such as health and safety, quality and social responsibility – all in one place. This way, a company’s documentation and information is easily accessible and has already been collated and validated. Buyers within the industry can, therefore, make an informed decision over their supplier selection.



Achilles carry out rigorous audits to provide an industry-specific, comparable test of a supplier’s competence and compliance. After completing a pre-qualification questionnaire, a professional, certified auditor visits the business in question to validate the information and examine their working processes and practices. The Achilles audit and assessments are tailored according to your business sector but will cover industry standards and best practice as well as, more generally:

  • • Quality
  • • Sustainability
  • • Corporate social responsibility
  • • Environment
  • • Health
  • • Safety
  • • Carbon management

Concrete Drilling Services

Having passed both the pre-qualification assessment and the on-site audit, Concrete Drilling Services have demonstrated that our working practices are of an industry standard. Customers can gain peace of mind with this certification that our processes, business practices and standard of work are reliable and of a high quality.


Concrete Drilling Services offer a variety of specialist concrete cutting and drilling services to customers across the North West. Our team of experienced professionals work to exacting standards and ensure that you consistently receive high quality workmanship. We use advanced equipment and well-established techniques to ensure we get a precise finish every time. For more information regarding our services or certifications, contact our team today.