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A Guide to The Drilling and Sawing Association

The Drilling and Sawing Association represents the interests of those companies which make up the drilling and sawing industry. With 30 years in industry, the DSA proudly represent the sole organisation maintaining and representing the interests of these companies, and the past three decades have led the organisation to provide a continual, consistent service to its members. The work carried out by the DSA is put in place to improve standards within the industry, with the aim of establishing better codes of working practice, education and training. By doing so, the work carried out within the industry can adhere to all relevant guidelines, and the safety of workers and projects subsequently regulated.

Code of practice

With such a high-risk activity as drilling and sawing, it is important to ensure that standards are met within projects in which these techniques will be utilised. The DSA have a code of practice, which has been devised to act as a guide to either:

  • Specialist sub-contractors in the construction industry who use drilling, sawing and cutting of concrete or other materials in their everyday practice
  • Suppliers within the industry, who provide equipment, tools and accessories to firms conducting drilling and sawing work

The code has been devised to make positive contributions towards the safety of practice within the industry when carrying out drilling and sawing work. However, the DSA also note that it befalls the individuals within the industry to uphold this safe practice, ensuring the recommendations that have been put in place are rigorously and conscientiously followed.


Membership of The Drilling and Sawing Association is open to both the contractors and suppliers involved in the industry of work utilising drilling and sawing procedures and techniques.

Joining the DSA and holding a membership can help elevate the profile of your company to various professional construction organisations, which alongside the aforementioned benefits relating to working practice gives an example of exactly why membership is such a positive step to take for you, your company and your workers.

All members are kept up to date about recent legislations and news in the industry, ensuring that they are well-versed and operating correctly at all times. By sending out emails, along with their fully-functioning website and a quarterly newsletter, the DSA make keeping up to date with this information as easy as possible, all in the interest of companies and their workers.

At Concrete Drilling Services, we know the importance of holding and maintaining a professional and regulated working practice at all times when carrying out drilling and sawing work. For more information on the high-quality concrete drilling services we provide, or to arrange for our work to be carried out at your project, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today and let us get your project off the ground.