Diamond Drilling Services

If you need a quiet and non-percussive drilling solution then look no further than Diamond Drilling from Concrete Drilling Services.

Using diamond drill bits we can cut through materials such as brick, stone, steel and reinforced concrete.

When used in a construction environment we use water suppression and dust control attachments to control the creation of dust and to effect a safe working environment.

Wet and dry diamond drilling provide precise hole cutting to any size between 12mm (o.4 inches) and 650mm (25.5 inches). 

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Our machinery can cut from 12mm to 650mm holes in Stone, Brick and Reinforced Concreteso no matter how tough a job you have, here at Concrete Drilling Services we are the specialists who can get it done.

At Concrete Drilling Services we offer our diamond drilling service across a wide range of areas in the North including Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool.

We have years of experience as drilling contractors and work within the Drilling & Sawing Association guidelines so call today for a quote or more information.

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