Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting provides a cost-efficient, quick and precise concrete removal service.

Utilising a range of equipment, including wall saws (sometimes called “track saws”), floor saws (or “slab saws”), core drills and wire saws, our operatives provide concrete cutting services for all projects and purposes.

We employ the use of diamond blade concrete cutting equipment, providing an accurate cutting technique and minimising disruption to the nearby environment in relation to noise and dust.

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Wet cutting blades use a water source to keep the blades cool and dust under control, while dry cutting blades are toothed for use when multiple deeper cuts are required.

You may require a discreet and small cutting solution or a large scale, far reaching cutting service.

Here at Concrete Drilling Services you can rely on us to deliver high standards of concrete cutting whether it’s to prepare for concrete removal or to alter the shape of the concrete you are working with.

Serving the Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool areas we can bring our many years of experience in the industry to your project.

Our membership with the Drilling & Sawing Association offers you the assurance that we work within industry standards.

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